Rockfield Studios Tour

All my growing up years in Monmouth we knew and were blase about the recording studios on the outskirts, it had been there before us and it would be there after us. It also meant it was not unusual (but not an everyday occasion) to be in a pub and to recognise people at the other end of the bar.

Famously my Dad had a drinking buddy he called Bobbie. My Dad was not up with music and it took quite some time for us to realise that Bobbie = Robert Plant.

Rockfield Studios banner

Rockfield Studios, the world's first residential studios, has had so many well known artists and bands through, check out the list on Wikipedia.

And so, on the weekend I visited via an official tour.

As with the whole studio setup the tour is very much a family run affair as you walk around the various buildings hearing how stables are now recording studios, how that wall is the Oasis Wonderwall, that's the grass the brothers fought upon, how the Stone Roses saved the place but started in jail, the piano Yellow was written upon and named after the Yellow Pages, where Freddie tinkled away on a beat up old piano to compose Bohemian Rhapsody, and many more stories that I'm not at liberty to share.

I was quite blown away that Adam And The Ants recorded Ant Rap there, I was living up the road and loving that song and album, who knew how close I was. Also Ronnie James Dio's final ever recording was in recording studio 2.

I also learnt what a mixing desk does and gained a little insight into the recording process. As I've only ever seen photos and movies of bands recording it was awesome to have it explained and then demonstrated.

All this is to say: BOOK AND GO!

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Manic Street Preachers 'thank you' note on the wall of Rockfield Studios

Oasis 'thank you' note on the wonder wall of Rockfield Studios

Rockfield Studios recording studio from the mixing desk

Woman in blue telling stories of recordings in Rockfield Studios studio 2, a blurred part of the graffiti wall shows at the top


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