David Slack, He's Worth You

David Slack, a man worth knowing.
If you don't feel like bowling up to him on the street and shaking his hand with a jaunty, "Mike says I should know you!", then the next best is to subscribe to his daily Internet reckons, More Than A Feilding.
Right-wing, he's got you covered. Left-leaning, he's for you. In the middle with the vast majority, his words will resonate.

My only warning is that he does not do hardball journalism, it's commentary. If you forget that David is not an investigative journalist and believe that his reckons are The Truth then it's a slippery slope just as it would be with anyone else.

So, pop your hand in your pocket for some of the finest writing Aotearoa New Zealand is currently producing!

"Woah, woah, woah there Michael!!!! Spend money, I thought you said he was on the Internet where everything is free!".

*sigh*, best support is to buy, remember?


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