Confelicity & Kairos

"It's not the minutes, hours, days, or years that life should be measured in, life should really be measured in kairos."

Kairos, originally ancient Greek, means 'the right, critical, or opportune moment'. 

Those moments when it was perfect, everything came together, and you acted upon it. Those glorious moments that you will always remember and perhaps they have had a "sliding doors moment" affect upon your life and who you are today.

The more kairos you notice and grab, the more confelicity I will have.  

Confelicity is a 19th century (1800s) word that means 'joy in another person's happiness.' There are other words you could use but I really like saying this 19th century one as rediscovered by Susie Dent.

And the act itself is good for ya, so enjoy it.

Fishing at Waitārere Beach


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