The Quest Parnell Has Chromecast

The Chromecast is an amazing thing, be it a dongle you've bought and have hanging out the back of your TV, or as many devices now have, built-in.

With your Chromecast and your phone, or tablet, or laptop, or Chromebook, or Macbook, on the same WiFi anything you are listening to or watching can be instantly heard and seen on your TV. Poifect.

Hotels have for a long time had to pay for the TV that guests seem to require, especially the sports & movie providers. Most (guess) of the guests are already paying for these very same services at home. Well, they are paying for them at home but really anywhere as these services are streaming services and they access them their phone, or tablet, or laptop, or Chromebook, or Macbook ... see where this is going?

So why don't hotels plug Chromecasts into all their TVs (or have ones with it built in) and then we guests can watch whatever we want.

WiFi is the issue. Yes, every hotel now has free, quality WiFi for its guests. Pop the Chromecasts onto the guest WiFi and voila ... except EVERYONE is connected and in control of ALL the Chromecasts, on every floor. There will be many issues - porn from wingle woman's room 34 accidentally streamed into the family room 58?
The Quest Parnell, and maybe all Quests in all places perhaps even all hotels in all the known universes, has resolved this. Turn on the TV, go to the Chromecast (button is on the remote so I am assuming it's built-in) and a special room-only WiFi and password fires up. Connect to that on your mobile and the connection is made and let the streaming begin!

The Quest no longer needs to pay for Sky NZ, the free stuff comes via Freeview, and the rest is up to each guest.

No problemo. Well, there is a problemo, a societal problemo. Not everyone is able to be as free and throw-away with their money on streaming services and the more we move to such things the more the digital divide increases and those that can't are cut out of a facet of the world.

I remember feeling very lucky to be staying in a hotel room. Aaaahh, a hotel room, where the beds are made, the towels are fluffy, food and drink is a mere phone call away, and I can lie down and watch TV that I couldn't at home.

The Quest Parnell has Chromecast is awesome, for those that can afford it, but another widening of the gap, and given the choice I'd rather technology was used to close the gap.


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