Mates, sitting around getting drunk.

Mates, sitting around getting drunk. Mates of mates, they come and go, sitting around drinking wine and getting drunk.

I can't remember the moment.
I certainly can't remember why.

'Deaignated smoking area' sign
There were photos on the beach, you me, and my girlfriend at that time. You had amazing hair, incredible eyes.

"I would love to kiss you", unbelievably crass at the end of a corking Saturday.

Mates, sitting around getting drunk.

You heard, but didn't. The choice was absolutely yours. I still did text just to make sure, you made sure, "I heard, but no".

For three or four mornings after I was Sean Lock embarrassed, nnngghhgg

Nope, you're beautiful, I'm not ashamed of seeing that. I am a tad ugh about how I approached it.

So, the end.
That is that then, oh well then, just another fleeting moment of madness in the life I live.

No. Each day there's love in my mind and I hear you (in my maddening mind) smile at me. Your eyes are always shining, your curves entice, your hair, everything is heightened. In my mind.

In my mind. All of this was in my mind, and then I wrote this. I have shared it with you, it's public but to be fair it's writing in a tiny corner, and infrequently visited moment, of the internet and only you'll see it.

I don't know why.
I can't remember the moment.
But mostly I don't know why.
Why I have wrapped your smile into my day. I know why it's easy for everyone to get the obvious, your smile that takes the world and makes it happy. But why have I been SO smitten by it, your eyes, your words, your honesty, your openness, by you.

That'll be why.

Mates, sitting around getting drunk.


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