Ask For Angela To Stay Safe

Men, well 'boys' of all ages as real men don't abuse women, can be dangerous and scary to women. True men are respectful, empathetic, and see all people, especially women, as people to stand next to, with their own rights, responsibilities, skills, world views, and all the other glorious messy things that make us individuals.

Most men are men.

Some boys are boys coz of age and it's up to the men to help guide then through those times.

Some boys are elderly boys, stuck behaving like boys because of a myriad of reasons and can't / won't break through to being a true man.

It's not for women to resolve those reasons. It's not for women to do any work on this, not even the work of having to think about how elderly boys should sort out their shit.

It's up to all us men and boys to work on.

"Sure, nice words Mike. The next time a boy in the pub acts like a complete dick and makes me feel scared I just have show him this post and ask him to 'work on himself?!? And that'll be it, will it??"

Probably not. However, you can find any bar staff member and ask for Angela.
Hi, um, is Angela working tonight?
'Don't Guess The YES' poster

It's a code phrase that many hospitality staff have been told to listen for as it tells them that you are in a situation where you are uncomfortable and need help.

My question though, IS IT STILL ACTIVE, especially in Wellington (NZ)?
Would staff today know what it meant and act accordingly?

The photo is from March 2019.


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