Simpler Times

Putting on #WellyTech at the stadium was a big undertaking but it pales into the background of what has happened since this photo was taken. Pithy lesson #525: No matter how hard you think life is right now, it's gonna get harder . Hmmm, maybe this instead - No matter how hard life is right now you will survive . Or maybe, today are the memories you'll look back on fondly , that's the one.

Here's Looking At You Kid

I'll be honest, I've seen CASABLANCA a million times and I adore it, and yet I still don't really know what the phase, "Here's looking at you kid" truly means. Definitely sounds affectionate, positive, and hopeful.

Hey, the USA, "Here's looking at you kid", you did it!

Moa at Te Papa Museum (Wellington, NZ)