Blue, But I Like Green

If I've told this story before I apologise and beg you allow me to repeat myself.
Sydney City from the North  Head

Green is my favourite colour.

Everyone has a favourite colour when pressed by insistent 8 year olds.

I was lying on my Chiswick hammock in the early months of the sparkling new millennium.

Life was most excellent indeed, I was employed by an international software company that I enjoyed massively. I was paid a LOT. I had friends that enjoyed the same things that I did. I had proved that flying to Wellington for a weekend visit was eminently do-able.

I did however need a visa or permanent residency to carry on this lifestyle but no fear, the company had told me they wanted me to stay and they would sponsor me to gain such documentation.

Lying there in my hammock I was deciding what to do. Sort of. I was lying in my hammock feeling the warm wind blow across my Saturday face, absorbing the late summer boat fun around me, and listening to music.

It was Slice Of Heaven by Dave Dobbin. A more apt song for the moment would be hard to come by.

Australia, Sydney in particular, should I stay or should I go - oh, more apt.

When you look around Sydney the colour that comes to mind is blue. It has a big sky surrounded by a country with even bigger sky. A blue sky. The Sydney I knew was dominated by the river and harbour. Blue water. 

It's a blue city.

New Zealand is a green country. The hills of Wellington are green. It is a green place. Have I said my favourite colour is green.

I left Sydney in May 2000 and I still love it. I love its history, its permanent solidity. I love it's loud, brash, confident people. I will always visit and I will always miss it.

I arrived back home in May 2000.
Her love shines over my horizon, she's a slice of heaven (slice of heaven)
Warm moonlight over my horizon, she's a slice of heaven


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