WCC Election: Eastern Suburbs Peeps To Vote For

Stuff has wee profiles on the Eastern Suburbs candidates for the City Councillor elections 
  • Ajay Rathod, 53
  • Sean Rush, 50, Barrister
  • Chris Calvi-Freeman, 62, Transport planner/City councillor
  • Sarah Free, 59, City councillor
  • Bernard O'Shaughnessy, 68, Community Advocate
  • Steph Edlin, 18, Head Girl at St Catherine's College
  • Teri O'Neill, 21, Policy and Business Analyst at Capital Government relations
I'd like to say a big thank you to each and everone for stepping forward to try and represent us all from the Peninsular - it's not an easy path you choose to walk along.

As for me I will definitely be putting a tick next to Sarah Free - I like her personally, I like the majority of her views, I appreciate the work she does and that she tells us about it.

For the other 2 places up for grabs, hmm, not so sure. Maybe some younger voices is the way to go.

All I also of you, dear reader, is that you VOTE. The election will be called on 12th October.
  • 20–25 September Delivery of voting papers
  • 20 September – 12 October Special voting period
  • Saturday 12 October Election day. Close of voting (at 12 noon)
  • 17–23 October Declaration of results/public notice of declaration
Of course this is isn't your one and only chance to affect the city, but this is a good start and an easy one - VOTE.
(don't be one during this election)


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