The state of play ...

It's "put your clocks back one hour" here in New Zealand ... thank fvck!

In true Martha style, here are the bullet points of the moment:
  • We were drunk as skunks
  • We met some quite brilliant people at Brenda's 40th- HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again)
  • Brenda's cousin and his mate (The Blue Meanies) are a friggin' awesome band
  • I had a "quiet" time being illuminated by the star Liz that shone bright
  • Havana Bar is nice ... my first visit (man about town eh!?)
  • We got back at 3am/2am ... or something
  • Pete was a total star and we owe him at least one slap up roast dinner
  • The kids are slowly dismantling the house around us
  • Liz was up first
  • Liz is now asleep under every duvet/blanket we have in the house (kids made her a den)
  • I am up, showered, dressed and have toast and coffee
  • I may fall asleep half way through writing this
  • The cat is still alive
  • The kitchen has play dough all over the floor
  • There isn't one space bigger than 30cm (squared, thingy) on the lounge floor that isn't occupied by a book or a toy car or a piece of clothing or a bit of of wood
  • Our bedroom is slightly wiffy
  • I'm on the computer being a caring and loving father
And we have a guest from out of town arriving any second now ...


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