How To Be A Woman

As a man it has been, and continues to be, a source of wonder to see how most women exist in this decreasingly manmade world. The planet is for everyone, the world was grabbed by men. It was into this world 15 years ago my daughter was born. With joy I have been able to stand by her, get to know her, and learn from her, as she has grown into the ongoing change the world is experiencing. I am so full of pride and love for her it can sometimes burst out the eyes ♥️ Happy birthday!

More mega profits for a privileged few

Whilst Google made the headlines last week with their US$1.3 billion PROFIT they are still way behind the behemoth that is Microsoft which earned US$4.41 billion PROFIT for the quarter (i.e., in THREE months).

Microsoft's profit was larger than Google's revenue!

Apple did OK, US$1.05 billion profit for around 12 weeks hard labour.
In comparison Yahoo! looks like it's just playing, a mere (!) US$542.2 profit for 84 days in front of the steaming hot computer.