Mike Riversdale recommends

A space for top notch shops and services that I think rock - they may or may not have a web presence but they will definitely offer quality, the personal touch and a little extra.

No, you cannot ask me to place you on the list ... it's all down to me, sorry.
You can, of course, let others know about cool shops and services in the comments.

I'll randomly chose which three will be displayed on the blog (to the right) as well as being added to this list.

Mike recommends ...because ...
Espresso Rescue: A mobile espresso service for your coffee emergencyEspresso Rescue is not just run by good mates with the best attitude to service in the world supporting organic, sustainable and awesome coffee.
We're at the Riverbank Market L Hutt on Sat a.ms and Waitangi Market Sundays. (And soon to be at Bunnings Naenae
Epic BeerLuke knows that taste is everything and delivers it fifteen times over with an EPIC Pale Ale
But it's not just Pale Ale - if Lager is you thing then they have that and, for those brave enough, a beer aptly named Armageddon

Check out the EPIC Beer outlet map and have yourself a grand evening
Wanda Harland: designware ~ homeware ~ playware ~ childrenswear ~ unique ~ stylish ~ funMartha has her finger on the pulse of the buying population and her hubbie Glen can bend his legs in many different ways if you ask him when you visit Wanda Harland
Regional Wines & SpiritsIf you're wandering in to buy standard beers (anything advertised on TV) I guarantee you'll be tempted by the world wide choice of other beers, wines and spirits and if you have the balls and let the Regional staff talk to you you'll never look back
Mojo CoffeeMojo: Best coffee, finest service and coolest locations all over Wellington.
Chocolate Frog Cafe: Palmers Garden World, MiramarSit on the painted chairs, mark your order with a numbered stone and people watch the staff all day. If you're there with kids, take 'em to the playground and txt in your order!! The Chocolate Frog staff just know how to run a cafe!
The Children's Bookshop, KilbirnieThe Children's Bookshop is a magical place that has, or can get, any book to suit any child from 1 day up to your own age

[15-Apr-2008] Added Espresso Rescue, Wanda Harland and Epic Beer
[16-Apr-2008] Added Mojo and Regional Wines & Spirits
[4-May-2008] Added Hell Pizza
[29-May-2008] Added Chocolate Frog Cafe
[15-Jun-2008] Added The Children's Bookshop
[29-Aug-2008] Removed Hell Pizza - reason


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