2 downsides to the Ubuntu upgrade to Hardy Heron (8.04)

Yep, every upgrade comes with issues no matter how many open source community developers are involved. With Ubuntu Hardy Heron upgrade there are, for me, two majors that I am quite pissed off about:

1: No sound
Yep, the sound has gone away ... again as this happened when installed the previous version!

Not all sound - the login screen plays it's wee drum roll thingy so I know the machine can make sound and it's got the drivers it needs. But when I (or anyone else) log on the sound stops wanting to play.

Initially I had sound working with streaming video (YouTube and the like) but after some fiddling to get the sound for MP3's to work I have managed to kill that as well.

It seems that I can have MP3 (and anything else suing Ubuntu installed media players) working with ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture ... so there) but Firefox streaming malarkey (using Flash I suspect) don't want to play that game and like using OSS (Open Sound System). See what happens when there are 2 standards to choose from, learn from this people implementing ODF and/or OOXML.

Once I sort it I will let you know what I did.
For now these are where I'm starting from as the fiddling with settings is getting me nowhere:
I'll also be keeping a close eye on this Ubuntu Forum thread: No sound after updated Hardy Heron 8.04

2: Firefox 3 beta is the default browser
To be fair for me this isn't that big because I am a geek-at-heart and work my way around anything that's not quite stable. However the rest of the Riversdale's aren't geeks and suddenly the browser has changed in look-and-feel therefore "it's different" - we all used the Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) skin, it rocks but not on FF3 just yet.

It being beta does mean it's a tad flaky, not too much but just enough for me to go, hmmmm. It's popped it's clogs a few times which has been unnerving to say the least. Again, for me I just get on with it as I''m of this geek world, for me kids and wife it's not good enough!

Also, taking the wider view why on earth would you distribute a beta version of one of the most popular bits of the desktop (the browser) to the world of mums and dads when there is a perfectly good version ( Crazyness on quite a large scale I would say.

It's not as if FF2 isn't gonna automatically update itself when FF3 becomes available in "early 2008" which sounds very close to me.


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