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A Wellington day as Miramar wants to know what you think

All happens in this fair city of ours - we've got people lost, people taking back what is rightly theirs and, of course, silly sods making $$$ decisions when they should be supporting their friends.

If you live in (or just have views) on Miramar Peninsula then Colmar Brunton want to know at ... you may win a signed Weta Workshop Miniature.

The survey is being run by the new to me Enterprise Miramar Peninsula which has a stated goal of:
The Trust’s primary purpose is the stimulation of a diverse local economy, including encouraging enterprising cultural and community organisations that can build our social capital.

We believe a modern, creative community is all about balance. The Peninsula has tremendous natural advantages, it’s the capital's playground, allowing residents to recreate close to both work and home. Its people are also more ethnically diverse than most of Wellington, and this diversity has been recognised as one of the characteristics of enterprising communities (Richard Florida).

Not sure if it's still a going concern judging by how out of date the website is ... must be something current though as the survey is newly up in local shop windows.