Ubuntu 7 (Gutsy Gibbon) - what it looks like

[Updated] Oops, I am running Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) not the Feisty Fawn release - will update the video later.

To those that wanted to know what it now looks like on my non-Windows XP/yes-Ubuntu desktop ... not a lot different. Seriously, the clock is at the top (but I now know how to put it at the bottom if I wanted).

To be fair the really fun visual stuff comes when you install Beryl (YouTube vids) or Compiz (YouTube vids). I am trying to give Compiz a go but no luck just yet ...
[Updated] Gutsy Gibbon comes complete with Compiz (I'd broken it - fixed by following these instructions)

Anyway, this introduction to Ubuntu is good for getting you in the mood for changing and is pretty close to what I´ve got:


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