The computer says no ... *cough*

Those of you that have watched Little Britain will know the saying, "the computer says no" (YouTube clips). A mate of mine relayed a story of a shopping experience back in the UK.

He wanted to buy some hardware/DIY equipment as it was cheaper than here in NZ. Popped into a UK-wide store, wandered the shelves in DIY-man happiness stacking the basket with goodies such as nails, banging-in things and the like.

Finishes his little moment of DIY-man happiness and plonks it all onto the counter to pay.

"Hi there", says the sales guy, "Can I have your postcode please?"

"Um, no, sorry, I don't live in the UK", says Duncan

"Oh ... I can't sell you these without a postcode as the computer needs it"


" ... "

"But I've got the cash. I don't need to pay by credit card"

"Sorry, can't do it"

My mate eventually gave a version of his parents postcode which was slightly altered because he didn't want to inundate his ma and pa with crap from this store's over eager Marketing Department. Classic eh - no postcode into the computer, no buying ability and that rules out EVERYONE that doesn't live in the UK, the whole world!

Reminded me of my "No, you can't press play on the DVD" episode from our arrival in the UK.

I leave you with a Little Britain example


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