Unusual… Adult Party Items!

One of the joys of this interweb thingy is that you can subscribe to some flows of content that you just would not have had the opportunity to encounter otherwise. I know there's much talk about 'information overload', an 'avalanche of content' and other such whingey whiny view points but I generally like to look at the glass half full.

Yes, the world is full of too much information for one brain to take in - admit that and you'll suddenly be free of the inner guilt of not being completely, 100% up to date.

My suggestion is that you pick your favourite feeds, review their relevance every now and again and be happy in the knowledge you've done your best.

And one of the most relevant to me is Modern Mechanix ("Yesterday’s tomorrow, today.") which has recently celebrated it's second anniversary. It's not relevant in a work or personal way but brings a large amount of fresh air into my online life. I notice I relax when I see the new posts and slow down to read them.

'Unusual… Adult Party Items! (Dec, 1953)' caught my (smutty) eye yesterday but don't take it as a prime example, there's many 'serious' posts amongst the humorous look-backs.


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