Enjoying the space but I'm glad it's only for a few days

It's a weird thing being home in the house on myself. Of course I've been home alone before and I'm a big boy now (ooer) so I'm not as scared of the dark, strange noises and running out of food as I used to be. However the house has most definitely grown in size. With Liz, Jack and Meg here the home (not just a house) is shared by us all, open to us all and there's not many times to sit and listen to the space.

When they left yesterday afternoon for Christchurch I had a great many plans. I was going to watch Spiderman 3, drink beer, read the newspaper, watch rugby, have a curry and write so many blog postings that my three loyal readers will be overcome by the avalanche of thought provoking ideas.

And then on Sunday I was going to do more.

I found that I was rushing though. I wrote my first 'home alone' posting in such a hurry that I barely had time to enjoy the process. I moved between rooms at speed. I was snatching at the moments. This is how I must be when the home is full; I look for those "Mike moments" and rush through them in such a hurry that I don't actually enjoy them. I don't live for the now.

It took about 4-5 hours for me to slooooow down and enjoy the space.

It actually took a walk to get the DVD which turned out not to be Spiderman 3 as, apparently, many others want to watch it as well. I watched Casino Royale instead - it rocked and definitely filled the space. I have a new Bond in my life with Daniel Craig and the 'back to the books' hard edge. The film is also 'top and tailed' by a stunning opening and an equally wicked ending. Especially inspirational to END with, "The name's Bond, James Bond" for Bond's first time ever kicking straight into a classic rendition of the Bond Theme, I cheered with it being almost as good as my favourite from the first film, Dr No

Spiderman 3 today - I reserved it.

And so I can see Sunday is already being much slower. I am appreciating the space.
It's funny as a close friend of mine asked me what I was going to do this weekend and when I told her that I was gonna have loads of DVD's and curry's and the like she was a bit put out, "But you could go out on Saturday night and catch up with everyone and do the DVD thing on Monday". She's right, I could ... but it didn't feel right then and am glad I didn't.

I awoke this morning to some noise in the living room, kicked off the duvet from the sofa where I'd drifted away during the England game and am into the day already. I will go to sleep during the afternoon (because I can), prepare for the All Black game later tonight and do nothing much else.

I am enjoying the space.

However, I can't wait for the space to be filled by it's three other owners ... it's a big space without them. And the house is also big.

To my darling wife I dedicate this Badly Drawn Boy video (Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind) I've just caught the end of on C4. Whilst I don't know if the lyrics are at all appropriate the sentiment from the whole package for me sums up Liz and I - sorry, maybe this is a "Mike moment" that really only needs to be shared with her.


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