RWC: Profiles and squads, rugby greats, AB squad latest and COME ON WALES!

The Dropkicks (seriously folks, subscribe to this blog) have great profiles on England and the Kingdom of Tonga.

The NZ Herald finishes it's series on asking rugby greats (I missed a few) from around NZ who will the All Blacks beat and by how much. Seems the majority believe All Blacks will beat France or South Africa in the final - I concur rugby greats and put my money on it being South Africa.

All Black squad latest -
Prop Greg Somerville has undergone surgery after a retinal tear to his right eye and although the operation was a success he faces an anxious race against time. If Somerville is not considered up to scratch, Wellington's John Schwalger.

All the AB's playing in the Air NZ Cup have survived until now however Reuben Thorne was pulled from Canterbury after a "niggling calf injury".

And you can "meet" the All Black squad, give them a teary yet hearty wave off at Christchurch's Victoria Square this Monday lunchtime - say hi from the guys in Wellington.

And, most of all - COME ON WALES!!!
A sound thrashing of England in the wee hours would make my Sunday after a quite tiring Saturday!


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