Congratulations to Emirates Team New Zealand

America's Cup / Luis Vuitton CupA great 5-0 win over Luna Rosa in the Luis Vuitton Cup*.

For a 'rich mans sport' my interest has, over the passed few days/nights, become surprisingly high and I'm now definitely gonna watch the 9 match race between Team New Zealand (from Auckland ... 'city of sails') and Alinghi (from Switzerland ... a land locked country).

As you may know various New Zealand teams (in the sports that matter most to Kiwis) are in the running for 5 'world championships' this year. Unfortunately they have already lost one, the cricket - still, a good year to come:
And this is probably how it'll feel to each team WHEN they win - congratulations one more time to Team New Zealand.
Team New Zealand win the Luis Vuitton Cup
* The Luis Vuitton is the pre-America's Cup challenger series that sees a whole stack of teams take on each other to find the one that will challenge the current America's Cup holders (Alinghi) - this decided last night!


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