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Glad that flu-type stuff has been defeated by my body

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHave had a shocking few days (from about Friday evening) where the body wasn't interested in being all jolly and Yuletide-y and had far more important things to deal with - bugs, germs, viruses and nasties inside me.

But I don't think it was the Avian Flu as I didn't have the urge to crap onto car windscreens.

Had a shocking sore throat like none I can remember. It was almost too sore to actually swallow and last night it was closing up and I was loosing the power of speech. Together with a total lack of energy and a temperature (as the wee good guys within me fought out the baddies) I was buggered.

The lozenges didn't really help but Panadol did supply some relief.

But, today, after a cracking sleep I am over it and everything is calming down. The battle was won by my guys.

Hope you don't get it and, if you do, it doesn't impede your Christmas festivities and/or get you down too much.