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I don't know about you (by all means please tell me) but I'm a book lover from way back, in fact I rate books as important to me as music which has always delved straight down into the core of me.

A good book, nay a great book, can take you places that like no other experience. Movies are, for me, easy entertainment which is sometimes exactly what I want. Some awesome movies do get a little deeper inside than the standard "lesbian car chase with special fx and explosions (storyline optional)" but really, they're never that mind bending - exceptions excepted.

Radio can be like being in the presence of an awesome storyteller but the good stuff (normally residing on National Radio for me) is few and far between.

TV. Pah!

Music, recorded or live. Well, music is for me the art of life. It is what makes me tick and transports me to those places I have been and bookmarks the life I am living.

Fine art. Modern art. Sculpture. Installations. Can, rarely, make me think. I am normally more intrigued by the skill of production than questioned by the arts itself. Normally.

Live theatre. Hmm, live theatre is a special experience that I don't have as often as I'd like. There truly is nothing like the smell of the crowd and the roar of the greasepaint. It doesn't, sorry, it hasn't so far, stretched me though. I suspect this is an indulgence to come in my slightly later years.

That leaves, for me, books. A good book will take me out of my mind. It will inform me and keep me grounded. It will stretch my world view and always, always make me laugh/cry/cringe/shudder. I love books. I love bookshops and I love libraries. In fact, never come on a shopping expedition which involves books as I will spend ages trying to find the perfect book for that moment ... it's hell for others to be around and it's heaven for me to be immersed in.

AND SO! To that end I love giving books. They are the first item I think of when deciding upon presents. They are treasures I love to pass on. When I move (as in recently) they are what I shove through the neighbours letterboxes as I clear the shelves.

AND TO THAT END, I love the idea of leaving books for people. Leaving them in public places for others to discover. Which finally leads me to BookCrossing (hat-tip to Frogstar) which assists with you setting your books free and allowing others to enjoy them - check them out at

Of course you don't have to join them in order pass on those treasures gathering dust on your bookshelves ... but it can be an incentive!

You can read my list of books, music, movies and radio experiences if you're at all interested. Some of the books will be out there in Christchurch over time.


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