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The Wiggles at the Town Hall

It was a moment for us to take loads of photo's but, unfortunately, the camera played up. But here's a few of the choicest moments from Jack's first ever concert - a sold-out gig by The Wiggles at Wellington Town Hall.

Jack was a little overwhelmed by it all but couldn't stop smiling and pointing when Dorothy came on stage.

We all (Liz and I especially) had a grand old time. They are loads of fun to watch, look like they're having a great time on stage and the kids all dance, sing and go crazy.

I thoroughly recommend it and was worth the $25 for the one-and-half hours.

The stage is set, the T-shirt bought and we're waiting for the boys to turn up

And here they are

Jack (and Dad and Mum) watches the Wiggles, points at Dorothy and even get's into a few of the songs (sport "Bear's now asleep, shh shh shh")