Week 14, not all good news

The pregnancy has been bowling along at a healthy rate so far until this weekend. The blood Liz noticed wasn't a lot but enough to cause concern (any "little" thing does of course).

It's been a few days now of on/off blood which, whilst it hasn't been gushing, is enough of a concern to go and get a scan later today.

It's a nervous time.

The midwife was very honest and said that it could well be a miscarriage. If it is then there's nothing Liz can do about it and we ("we") have to let nature take its course.

On the other hand some women do have intermittent bleeding all the way through a healthy pregnancy - in fact, one of Liz's cousins did which was good to hear yesterday.

The only way to find out if anything has "gone wrong" is to have a scan. 4:30pm today.

And here's us with names all sorted - Meg or Louie.
I find that once I have a name the person is "real". There's gonna be some serious loss and grieving to happen if Meg/Louie has chosen to move on.

I feel sad typing so I'll stop. Will let you know what occurs.

[Update 4:31pm]
SIGH ... all OK with Meg/Louie ... thank all the gods and the athiests as well. It was a tough afternoon but, well, all OK now. In the future we may have to think about placenta praevia but that's definitely in the future.

Thanks for all the support and thoughts, it really meant a lot.

[Update 10:08pm]
A bottle of wine and a huuuge sigh of relief from me. What a day.

These blog articles/postings (whatever they're called) are my record for Meg/Louie (not official names but they are top of the pile at the mo' ... but I have to say "Meg" is real for me). When Jack was being made we took a photo a week of the expanding bump. This time it's my memories of how it was. Meg/Louie, this is for you.

Today, for the first time you scared me. In fact, today was the first time I truly met you as until you had a name (the story of where Meg and Louie came from will be posted later) you weren't really 'there'.

Scaring me though has allowed me to connect. I, as a father, have no real "bond" until you pop out (sounds sooo easy .... *ahem*). But you have now touched me. And you're a part of my life.

Can't wait to see you. Can't wait for you to see me.

Can't wait to see you and your brother together. Gonna be cool as.


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