Week 13 and all's well(er)

Liz is definitely on the improve and that's making life easier for all (I know, I know - but it's all about me on this blog ;-). I'm happy to have my partner-in-crime back on the scene (almost) and that life will return to a semblance of normality for the next few months.

Mind you, Jack now thinks that everytime she leaves the room she's off to vomit and even has a mime for it - quite funny.

Jack is the real news with us and Baby X. His new word has gained some meaning as I told him that there was a, "Baba" in mum's tum. For a few days he thought he (and probably everyone else) had a 'baba' in his tum but he's moved on now and knows it's only Mum.

Not sure what he thinks a 'baba' is and how on earth it got in there but it's the first step in the journey for the wee fella.

Girls name - what do you think of "Meg"?
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