And now it's time to turn back the clock

Yep, I've gone into 'TV presenter' mode as I decide that this week is gonna be too busy for me to post original stuff that is up to my normal high and witty standard (about gas mark 2 on your old cookers).

Repeats are good ... I promise it's just for one week.
Thanks to 'A life of chaos' for the 'relieve the classics' inspiration.

Political Correctness

An interesting look at political correctness by David Farrar and the comments left are even more illuminating.

A good read at Dog Biting Men: What do you really mean? about the ACT's campaign against "political correctness".

This is a subject I have long had a lot of confusion and frustration with - political correctness seems to be a phrases that, now-a-days, people throw around anything they don't agree with. And it's usually used by people with a beef against the government of the day - it's unusual (but not unknown) for corporate's to be tarnished with ... READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE >>


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