12 weeks and all scanned up

(aaagh, crash before posting so no longer as provocative as planned and I can't for the life of me remember where the forceps were to be mentioned)

12 week scan occurred on Friday. For those that don't know this is the first of two scans - more great info at BBC - Parenting - Having a baby.

It's also the scan that finds me the most nervous. In fact, it's the most jittery I get during the whole pregnancy (not including conception and birth, scary times both).

This one involves seeing the wee girl (or boy) for the first time. It's the first check that everything is going as it should. It's also the end of the scary first trimester (there are three 'mesters' hence the term trimester. It means three ... somethings).

During the initial 12 'scary' weeks the budding person is formed whilst from now on it's all about bulking up and putting the finishing touches to the bits.

Scary because this is when you find out if the major formations have worked.

Sometimes it's not good news and that's very tough. It was OK for us and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

We got to see the heart pounding away normally. The liver was formed normally. There was a normal looking stomach. The legs and feet were waving normally. The wee hands were described as, "Normal".

Even the 'nuchal translucency thickness' thingy was normal but we do need to get the midwifes official OK before we can breathe totally freely.

Normal is good. In fact, normal is bloody awesome!

We took Jack along and he thoroughly enjoyed playing with the toys in the reception.

During the scan he sat on my knee as Liz had warm gunk squirted onto her stomach and was zapped by the checkout barcode reader (as it looked to me). Jack managed to stay relatively focused and even at one point lay back and lifted his shirt to be like Mum. All together now, "Awww".

For the real cute reaction though he left it to near the end. The monitor had held no fascination for him at all despite my, "Look Jack, that's your sister (or brother)". To be fair the younger sibling didn't boogie as well as The Wiggles.

Then, she/he must has caught Jacks eye because he stopped trying to turn all the equipment off ("If plug on, must turn off - if plug off, must turn on") looked up and said, "Baba". That even raised a smile from the baby-wizened scanning woman.

It is, of course, his new word and can get used at the wrong time. But this time it was so right. I smiled the rest of the day.

Next scan is at 20 weeks - the 'Gender Scan'.
Yes, we'll be finding out.
Yes, I will tell you all.

By then Liz will have completed her way out of the vomiting stage; I only get to hear one a-day now although there's probably a few more I didn't get to hear.

We will also have had to finalise names so keep them girls names coming to miramar.mike@gmail.com or leave a comment


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