The Lions, one month to go

I've started to get a little excited which I must try and dampen down or I'll burn out before the buggers even land!

A few nice pages off the official Lions site (that's the "British & Irish Lions" to you sonny). First of all, what they're being told about this fair country; a few classic games and some lovely team pictures - the picture here (1977 tour to NZ) is such a school photo eh!

I'm happy the NZRU is selling the remaining 60,000 tickets on the open market - no one, and I mean NO ONE, now has cause to complain that they were diddled out of a chance to go along.
If life was a little less full for me I would love to "road trip" to the Maori game (Hamilton, 11th June, 7pm); what a cracker I expect that to be.

Super 12
Go the 'Canes tonight and awesome display from Crusaders last night. We were receiving txt's from family at the game who thoroughly enjoyed it. Shame about the Blues, buggers up my V.S12 picks, how dare they - as well as the Highlanders, although their lose does help the 'Canes.
Update tomorrow after the round is done.

And the boys did well, very well. Whilst the final 10 minutes was silly (bonus points count) they scored more points against the Brumbies than any other Super 12 side, ever.

Two more rounds and it's semi-final time. A win against the hapless (what a cracking word) Blues next week and our trip down to Christchurch for the Friday 13th game will be much more enjoyable; we Hurricanes supporters that will be there won't have to suffer the all night reminders of how the Crusaders have knocked the 'Canes out of the semis ... if they manage to win that is.


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