Lunchtime trawlings

Another fine read from Russell Brown at his Hard News blog - wonder what the Scribe thang is all about (at the end of today's posting).

Yahoo! news - go Haliburton, must be wonderful to be on the board of this company!!
Also, "Man Acquitted of Rape; Says He Was Asleep" - just plain weird.

Mr Llewellyn's got his blog up as well - SunnyO (Sunny Otaki is where he has the family 'home from the city' for those that want to know). Andrew's a very funny writer and I'd recommend checking in now and again.

Sport - cricket tonight will be missed by me (just not into it at the mo'). I hope Perth gets the other Aussie Super 14 slot. Getting fed up about Johnny Wilkinson coming back from his injury - better be here for the Lions!


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