Lunchtime meanderings

Checking out what I've got stored on my PC that has been collected over the years:

A few Christmas related ones

And this I received some years ago from Katelet:

Mike Boyle
From: Kate Ayres
Sent: Saturday, 4 March 2000 12:58 am
Subject: Father Christmas DOES Exist

You'll like this, in today's "The Times" newspaper - Last Orders Column:-

"Toilers at Waterloo Station, investigating damage to the glass roof of the Eurostar Terminal, found the remains of a reindeer's leg. 'Damage to the panels can be caused by anything from birds carrying things around to pieces falling off planes' said a spokesman. 'I can confirm that a reindeer's hoof was found. How it got there I could not begin to speculate...'"

See, see..He must exist !!!

And this, from a Newsgroup in the dim and distant past:

>:The performance from their web server is still abysmal. I get the
>:impression that they are running of an ISDN line. It's that bad.
>You fscking Americans. In Australia, that's a GOOD link ...

Hah. In Scotland we have two well trained celts, holding a yoghut pot and peice of string, repeating the screeching noises made by a 300/1200 baud modem connected to the net by a bit of rusty coathanger and playing out a gramophone horn.

Text doesn't take two long, but pictures are a real pain, especially when Jimmy (who can understand progressive JPEG) is away on the crofts and Dougal has to take over. He can just about manage GIF 87 - he has trouble drawing the pages if there is a background /and/ a transparent GIF.

Binaries are the worst, though. Downloads take years, as each has to UUDecode, type the code out, reverese engineer and recompile before manually burning the code onto CD with a magnifying glass.

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hee hee - love it


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