All Blacks v Lions - a potential Wellington venue for the non-game goers

Hi-de-ho everyone,
Have just spent a pleasant lunchtime with some skylight staff including their Marketing/Sponsorship Manager, Annette Brook.
Annette tells me that they have booked out The Embassy for the only cinema direct feed of the game, all on the giant screen. Booze and food will (I am assured) be available and with 700-ish seats (with the odd rugby icon floating around) it'll probably be the closest thing to actually being there AND of course, it's smack in the middle of town.
Cost - not sure at the mo', details to be worked out closer to the day (Annette mentioned $50 but that's not in stone at all!).

I'll try and keep people in the loop but it's probably a good idea to also keep an eye of their Website (


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