Once You've Seen One You've Seen Them All

A normal part of a male mammals anatomy and it's got its own museum, strange eh (giggle giggle, fnarr fnarr, r r r).

The Icelandic Phallological Museum (Hið Íslenzka Reðasafn) is a fascinating visit. A well layed out professional museum, great café, merch, and as many preserved penises as you care to look at.

The large ones are eye opening at first but after a while it all becomes a bit samey, one penis, no matter what the size, colour, or shape, is much like the next one.

Visit? Hell yeah, you'll kick yourself if you don't go. It won't take a whole morning, and you won't have to revisit for a long time after. But definitely go at least once.
Collage of penis exhibits at The Icelandic Phallological Museum (Hið Íslenzka Reðasafn)


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