11 New / 2 Updated, Photo Collections

It's been a busy old time with new photo collections ("albums") up on this website, so here ya go:

  1. Wellington suburb of Berhampore
  2. A collection of NZ Paywave surcharges (currently anything from 0% to 3.5%)
  3. An ever growing set of AI generated images, just for nostalgia in year to come
  4. Flying in, out, and around of Aotearoa NZ I have photos as I fly over the land
  5. WOMAD 2024
  6. A brief walk through Newtown Festival 2024, did you know it attracted 80,000 people!
  7. We lost but it was loads of fun in the sun, Black Caps v Australia (Basin Reserve, 2024)
  8. An awesomely entertaining time at Meow Meow's Pandemonium in February
  9. A couple of another Wellington suburb, Kaiwharawhara
  10. A glorious and eye+ opening walk through Trelissick Park
  11. Fog, Mist, and Spooky Clouds
Here's one that isn't new but is finished:
And one final album that has a tonne more photos:
As always ALL the photos are available on the website: https://www.mikeriversdale.co.nz/photos
New collection image


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