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OMG, Old People Are Sneaky Fuckers

I distinctly heard an "old man" at Burger King, as he cupped his hand around his ear and lean in, "What is that my dear, speak up, a what you say, isn't that free with my meal?".

It wasn't free with his meal, he should've paid for it, and he was absolutely aware of that.

He did however get the free addition to his meal, coz you know, young people like to do nice things for old people.

I'm a shocker eh.

The Dutch personal parabola, 1930s. This personal sound locator consists of two parabolic sections, presumably made from aluminium for lightness. They are mounted a fixed distance apart, but the size of the human head varies somewhat. To accommodate this, it appears that the instrument is fitted with inflatable ear-pads. According to a report dated 1935, this device was put into at least limited production.