European Touch

It tickles me that this study in British Empire building, smack bang in the middle of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, and adorned with the Imperial sounding words Association of Australasia Limited* conjures up a Parisian street feel for me.

Just feels European, and that tickles me.

Old Bank building, Wellington (New Zealand)

For those wondering where exactly it is, it's the Old Bank Building, as seen on the corner of Customhouse Quay and Hunter Street.

* The full title is of the now defunct life insurance company, The National Mutual Life Association of Australasia, as owned by AMP / AXA, "As of 2011, Axa was the second most powerful transnational corporation in terms of corporate control over global financial stability." (source: Wikipedia: AXA. And AXA is a French company, so it is European after all 😜


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