Day 05 - A picture of somewhere you've been to

Christ, been to loads of places.

Ok, ok, let's think what might be of interest to you, dear reader.

How about this one? It's the Queen's in Monmouth and if you went to the Comp in the 80's then you'll know exactly why it's here. Oh all right then I'll let you know ... the Comp (Comprehensive School) is just down the road and come the time and age The Queen's Head became our local. In fact, the one and only time I've ever had my age questioned was on my 18th birthday - yip, the guy behind the bar obviously had a moment of clarity and wondered why I was celebrating a birthday and yet still wearing a school uniform (I stil have my striped tie). One day too late ... well, quite a few years too late as I'm sure we'd been going into pubs from quite an early age [life story, chapter 2 is the one you want]

Queens Head By Day
"Queen's Head" from Flickr user By elhawk, aka Hawk/ Dave Pearson

When Liz and I took the nippers back to Monmouth for our failed attempt at staying in the UK for 18 months I had the enormous pleasure of introducing Liz to "my local" which seemed to have been through a lot of changes but gone full circle and was now back to exactly how I remembered it - I'm talking about the clientele and not the building itself, that'll never change.

As I said, been to loads of places.


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