Day 03 - A picture of you and your friends

Golly, this actually turned out to be quite a tough one ... so many pictures of friends but very few with me in 'em ;-)

And so, I've plumped for this one which was one of those moments - Liz meets my mates in the cold light of day for the first time :-) Whilst it seems only a few years ago now the date belies a passing of years way beyond my comprehension. Mind you we all do look young and fresh.

Depressed after the Shield match

The glum looks (some pretend) come from us watching the Wellington Lions being beaten by ... by ... someone [right,let's see how good this Google thing can be and see what game was being played on 29th September, 2001 ...] ... oh, NOT just "some" rugby game it was at 'Jade Stadium watching Todd Blackadder's boys defend the Log o' Wood against Tana Umaga's Wellington' [source].

Wellington lost 29-31 ... arse!
Seems we wuz robbed as well:
After the excitement came the crash. But it might well have been excitement-plus for the second year in a row, if the final whistle in the Ranfurly Shield challenge had come 30 seconds earlier.

Wellington went away lamenting Canterbury's last-second retrieval of the Log, and referee Steve Walsh was by no means the favourite son of Wellington that day. But he had the whistle, and the final say.

So there ya go - my very young and vibrant (if a little down) Wellington friends that I do not see enough of (my fault). From left to right, @magnumpt, @LizRiversdale, @MiramarMike, Kiwi Pete, @Designator007 and Big Pete.


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