Flickr, It's Starting To Worry Me - What Should I Do?

Flickr: Jack and my iPhoneFlickr is where I put ALL my photos - you probably know that.
Currently there are around 21,000+ public on there.

Flickr is owned by Yahoo! which, despite still being a bit of a Web-darling for lots, had a crap 2008 in many many ways. Yahoo! is likely (IMHO) to be bought by Microsoft this year.

What does that mean for Flickr?
It probably means Flickr is dead ... the thriving community will be subsumed.

More importantly to me, what about my photos?
I can't imagine any new owner of Flickr removing my access to the photos ... *phew* ... but the business model is sure to change. And change isn't something I care to have around my family photos.

And it might not be a change in owner that buggers around with my photos it could be a pissed off employee (I'm sure they exist at Flickr) or even just a normal old disk crash (which, I realise, could happen anywhere on any system) ...

Of course I could download them all (*gulp*) but, I dunno, it seems very much like a retrospective step and, now that we're a 4-computer-family, a bloody nightmare.

So what do to?


  1. um i hate that you even have the slightest implication that george would try to ruin flickr.

    it's so not cool

    on other notes:

    flickr has so many servers and redundancys it's not funny, so i wouldn't worry there.

    the flickr community survived being brought by yahoo, why would everyone leave just becuase micrsoft own it.

    stewert who founded flickr has been quoted as saying the sale to microsoft should have gone through.

    and then as much as somone trusts the could, i always reccomed backing up, so you need to have a backup to flickr, you could do a yearly disk thingy that saves notes and comment, it costs but retains things people love about flickr.

  2. Four computers at home? Windows Home Server. Storage. Backup. And Mozy Backup for out of the house backup.

  3. @styler - you're so passionate, it rocks HOWEVER I never implied what you read.

    Redundancy is not a backup as the linked article states.

    Flickr and Yahoo! have a similar philosophy and therefore the transition would've been easier and in fact (possibly) a lot of fun - Microsoft is based in a different market and operates under a completely different modus operandi (not bad, just different) and they would not be buying Yahoo! for Flickr ...

    Backups - okkkkay - what is this $$ "yearly disk thingy" you speak of?

    @M Freitas - ok, maybne only 2 in the normal sense (1 desktop, Ubuntu, 1 beast of a laptop, Windows Vista) with the other 2 "computers" being iPhones. But hey, calling them mobile phones is equally as wrong :-)

    So a Windows Home Server for backup - why not just stick it on the desktop/laptop?

    Mozy Backup - ok, will check them out, thanks

  4. Windows Home Server for backup for your computers, if anything goes wrong it's quick to access the information.

    Mozy backup for external backup. If the house burns down then you still have your stuff - even though all the computers, plus the Windows Home Server are all ashes now...


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