Thursday - 2AWA Gala Night

the Wellingtonista
Wot a night at Mighty Mighty! Awards, fun, frivolity, beer, beer and more beer, music and fantastic people.

The AWA (Annual Wellingtonista Awards) winners have all been posted - congratulations to the winners and to all those nominated!
  1. Mike presenting an AWA awardBest cultural venue - A. Film Archive
  2. Best apparel store - E. Madame Fancy Pants
  3. Best UnCheap Eats - C. Matterhorn
  4. Best Breakfast - E. Epic
  5. Best public space - E. The Botanic Gardens
  6. Best Cheap Eats - C. Satay Kingdom
  7. Wellingtonian of the year - D. Jemaine and Bret aka. Flight of the Conchords
  8. Best Non-Drinking Venue - E. Wellington waterfront on a sunny week day
  9. Hottest Hospo of the Year - C. The staff at Mighty Mighty
  10. Best Suburban Venue - D. Karori Wildlife Sanctuary - Karori
  11. Best 2007 Wellington-based Event - B. Cuba St Carnival
  12. Most Needed - B. Light rail to the airport
  13. Best Building - D. Wellington Central Library
  14. Wellington Supervillain of the Year - D. Kerry Prenderghastly
  15. Best Dub Dub Dubber - A. "Cracker" - Damian Christie
  16. Best Coffee Beans - C. Mojo
  17. Best Public Art - C. The installations along the way to the Airport
  18. Best Shop - E. Unity Books
  19. Best Late-Night Venue - D. Mighty Mighty
  20. Best drink - C. Negroni at Hawthorn Lounge with mandarin-infused gin

As for the night - just a cracker. Here's to an even bigger event next year, more voters and many more nominees/winners at the Gala.

Thanks to all that voted and lovely to meet all those on the night.
Oh, and top work by Duncan and Georgie for being the only ones out of my circle of friends (Wellingtonista excepted, of course) that managed to come - I was so sure my old gang were still the going out and partying type, maybe life is a little fast for them now-a-days.

Wellingtonista at the 2AWA Gala Night Flickr: 2AWA gala night - the Wellingtonista team

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