Who Stole The Hill?

You wouldn't know it from this photo but the white of the cloud hides a whole Wellington hill with a very famous view. 10th Feb, 2018

Movember total: $700 - many many thanks

Thank you to these wonderful people that helped me raise $700 that contributed to a team total of $4,610

Liz, Karen, Iain, Helen, Duncan, Tony (twice), Jo, Mike, Shona, Tim, Derek, Alistair, Vicus, Peter, Rach, Pat, Jim, Adam, Emma, Peter, Carolyn, Tom, Thomas, Mindi, Blake and David.

Next year I intend being a 'fallow year' as the whole Movember thing seemed to sap quite a lot out of people wallets and goodwill - being a month there is almost a constant barrage of "sponsor my Mo" conversations/emails ...