RWC: Only 8 games (3 to win) and 3 weeks to go ...

And then all you people out there that are SICK TO THE BACK TEETH about rugby can finally tell us just how friggin' annoying it's all been. Believe me, there are some close to me that aren't waiting for the end to make it known just how damned disruptive this European-based competition has been.

But before we leave, one more fine tribute to the "minnows" from and news that the Tongans have arrived home to a heroes welcome - top stuff!


On with the buildup's with the excellent Scrumbag and both the Aussie and England teams + natter from the Rugby World Cup blog. England have lost their inside half Will Farrell to injury (poor sod) but I have to say don't think it would make much difference to the score, just the quality of the game so it's us "neutrals" that'll suffer.

The biggest "upset" I expect to see with the All Blacks is the overblown and already boring discussion about the colour of the strip - what is this, a fashion parade? Especially with "Panadol" McCawe raring to go in his record breaking/tying game (aren't silly stats such fun) and Mr Daniel C claiming his on course (bloody better be my lad). Oh, and good news that the IRB judiciary has seen some sense with Luaki being cleared - it isn't fair compared to previous suspensions but they were also wrong.

Oh, and yes, it was a bloody surprise to me as well Jake White!
The Dropkicks plough on with their awesome quarter final statistical overload with, Will you respect me in the morning? (SA v Fiji)


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