Photo essay: A typical Saturday night out in Miramar and other delights

It can now be revealed (!) that I was attempting to go to Adam's party in the style of Daffyd, the only gay in the village. Whilst he's rounder than I, shorter than I, more hair (now) than I, the costume still held people's mouth's open, stopped traffic and gave the beige amongst us a lot to tut and talk about.

I. Loved. It. ... and there's gonna be so much more than just this:
Flickr: Mike prepares for a typical Saturday night out in Miramar Flickr: Eddy and Daffyd prepare for Adam's party

It wasn't just the growed-up Riversdale's at play on this particular Saturday:
Flickr: Jack as a Fireman Flickr: Meg in her leopard costume at Playcentre

And what with one Rugby World Cup and another I haven't been posting up quite so many photo's for the fandambily in wonderful Wales and stunning Stockholm - this is about to be rectified. Cast your mi... oh, and if you're not from those places you can still read on ... cast your mind back to the previous uploads of photo's ... anyone tell me when it was as I've completely forgotten. Let's say it was before August - since then we've had:

(click on the title/picture to see each set of photos ...)

Library visit (16th August)
Flickr: A double library visit 005

Craft 2.0 and Hutt shopping (18th August)
Flickr: Jack and Meg on Thomas in the Lower Hutt mall

Island Bay and fun in the sun (19th August)
Flickr: Wink from Jack
- more at Jack and Meg framed at Island Bay

Boobs on Bikes (22nd August)
Flickr: Boobs On Bikes

The above is my most viewed picture!

Jack's Kindy Disco (30th August)
Flickr: Jack get's painted by his Kindy teacher, Penny

Mike and Liz out to a ball as Karen babysits (1st September)
Flickr: Mike and Liz out to a ball

Da family (3rd September) / Meg (5th September)
Da family (3rd September Meg (5th September

Elsie and Hazel visiting / Adventure in Worser Bay dunes / Paul, Jane and Claudia for lunch and a play (all 8th September)
Flickr: Elsie and Meg Flickr: Jack adventures on through the Worser Bay dunes Flickr: Liz and Meg, Paul and Claudia

Meg on the computer (13th September)
Flickr: Mucky Meg on the computer

Playcentre birthday party for one of Meg's mates (16th September)
Flickr: Jack at Playcentre for a birthday party

Liz, Jack and Meg pop down to Christchurch for the family visit (22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th September)
Flickr: Meg and Jack play in Mat's new car Flickr: Jack enthralled in some religious thingy Flickr: Meg on Char's knee Flickr: Jack on Zoe's shoulders Flickr: Sarah and Meg


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