RWC: Photo's to make up for non-match viewing

Actually, that's not quite true - I did see the Argentine second half and the same for the Italian game and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I must remember this for 2011, the "non important" games are actually bloody entertaining!

Anwyho - here's the scores (for those that don't read my actual blog and are RSS visitors only - also you probably don't read newspapers, visit any other site on the Interweb, talk to friends or come from planet Earth) + a photo that caught my eye (in order)

Pool D: Argentina Argentina 33 Georgia Georgia 3
Pool A: USA USA 15 Tonga Tonga 25
Pool B: Japan Japan 31 Fiji Fiji 35
Pool C: Italy Italy 24 Romania Romania 18

Official World Cup: Argentina v Georgia Official World Cup: USA v Tonga Official World Cup: Japan v Fiji Official World Cup: Italy v Romania


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