Jack and Meg framed at Island Bay

The following were taken at Island Bay playground through the same hole on the clambering-around frame.

Jack's first picture was in July 2005 and his other one, plus Meg, in August 2007.

Flickr: Jack framed

Flickr: Jack framed Flickr: Meg framed

News from the Riversdale kids:
  • Jack is loving morning Kindy
  • Meg is weaned, out of her cot and into her brand new "big girls bed"
  • Jack was a very brave fella despite dropping our computer monitor onto his little finger
  • Meg loves moving things around
  • Jack has his first bike
  • Meg is starting to talk and it's only a matter of time before it's non-stop chattering
  • No illnesses for either ... as I write


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