RWC: Northern warm-ups, Welsh captain and a Japanese squad


Awesome to see Scotland win against Ireland (31-21) and no surprises to see the shaky English go down to France (15-21)

Japan have announced their squad (anyone got an insight for me) and with only 2 more days left before the official deadline expect a whole swag of squad type announcements.

And despite the Henson situation still bubbling under in Wales (expect that to come back with vengeance if the boys don't perform) the news is that Gareth Thomas will be captain starting with another warm-up game against Argentina next Saturday.

No real All Black news - David Kirk has a wee something to say but really, all quiet on the AB front. Oh, and good luck Tana, thanks for everything
As Tuesday is the final day for squad announcements expect to find out whether Greg Somerville is in or out.

Sites added to the RWC list:


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