The new blog experience *ahem* - good for you?

Subscribe to all of Mike[Update 9th March]
Unfortunately the "AllOfMike" feed doesn't work via Feedburner as it's probably too large. So, the feed is now:
I've reverted the old MiramarMike to just being the blog for the time being.

After the week offline (and here) I've decided that I probably don't want to spend oodles of time blogging random thoughts that pop into my head because, well, I suspect you don't care. And so, the blog has changed - if you're reading this in an RSS reader click and have a look around.

There's now 3 sections, each with it's own RSS feed if you're only interested in one thing.

There is, however, a super-duper feed with all 3 sections for those that want the lot ... to this feed I will add more as I find them (books I've read, music I like, whatever).

RSS feed for all:
Note: the old MiramarMike feed now includes the 'everything' items.

The three sections are:
1: Blog postings
The standard blog type stuff you know and love.
This is likely to be updated about 2-3 times a week, depending upon time, mood and what's happening in the world.

Blog RSS feed:

2: Flickr photos
Photo's from my on-line album - the only place I store them. The first 10 are the latest uploaded and the lower 10 are a random section from the many thousands out there.
These get updated at least once a week and when I do there's normally 20+ photo's.

Photo RSS feed:

3: Links I've shared
I use Google Reader now and not only is it the best (easiest, quickest and "just does it") RSS reader on the Web it allows me to push 'share' and let you see what I think is cool to read.
These are updated daily (hourly?) and are probably the

Shared items RSS feed:

Oh, and no ads anymore ... because I agree with Craig Newmark, no-one's ever asked for it and the benefit to me isn't good enough.


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