This is Noriko, of  George and Noriko  fame, at Coastella 2018 who, well best to let them tell you: George and Noriko break all the rules. The duo brings something unique, something unexpected. Known as the Japanese Blues Cowboy and the Tsugaru shamisen player, they have been kicking up a storm wherever they play.  George’s lightning fast blues licks & growling harmonica enhanced by Noriko’s percussive of the traditional Shamisen (Japanese banjo) has morphed into a kind of bluegrass hard country blues with a Japanese twist. It's quite something - go listen to their music, it's pretty bloody kick ass.

More on the amazing

After my original posting and Apple's version there's another vid about the amazing 'multi-touch screen'.

This is how computers should be, without manuals, interfaces and keyboards/mice - in fact, it's a perfect analogy on the I(C)T industry as a (w)hole - this is brand sparkling new and it's the first time an interface exists just to 'do' - there's no external chatter, there's forcing the users to behave in a certain way and there's definitely no money being spent on consultants to try and force one (users) into the other (computer system).

It just works.

(there's no talking on the vid so no need to turn up the speakers to hear the v average sales musac)