Skype - I have returned and it's integrated into my Gmail contacts

SkypeI used Skype a long time ago (before I went to Australia if I recall) and whilst it was OK it just didn't do it for me. I have returned after hearing my brother talking (!) it up and finally last night some recent English arrivals saying how damned good and cheap ("the road to free") it is.

So, downloaded and installed

Seems just fine and dandy.

Without a laptop it does mean we're stuck using the PC until we either get a laptop and WiFi the whole house and/ buy one of these hands free puppy's

Skype Firefox extension in actionI was also a bit concerned that it would become yet another place to store my contacts but with Skypes Firefox extension I don't have to worry about it. These wee little beauty sits up on the toolbar and scans every web page you load for phone numbers turning them into little grey buttons that you can click and make a Skype call to. So, just pull up the contact details of my mates in Gmail and click their phone number to make a call. Niiiice.

I'll probably start loading the Skype account with real hard earned cash so I can call non-Skype people but I urge everyone I know to get Skype and let's make it free calls wherever you are in the world.


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