Google - losing it?

I have to say I agree with the sentiments outlined by Blake Ross (co-founder of Firefox, the browser you should be using to read this) that Trust is hard to gain, easy to lose.

Over the past few months Google has moved (in my perceptions, probably not in reality) from a funky "wee" company doing very cool things to one that's becoming far more corporate and "get the money". Half of me understands, to survive and be able to keep supplying me with the funky cool things they need to ensure their $'s keep coming in. And, 2007 will be the year Microsoft and Google finally get to spend some time in the ring and fight it out.

I get that.

But it's not the company I was such a champion for anymore.

Come this time next year I wonder where my documents will be, where my blogging will be, what my default search will still be ... Google if they keep up the quality but they've dropped the ball of "user experience" in the past few weeks - the ho-ha around their 2006 Zeitgeist was another part of the dripping away of confidence that they still intend to "Do no evil".

Hat-tip to Techcrunch


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