Cracking TV: MythBusters - Seasons 1 results

Jamie Hyneman, MythbusterAdam Savage, MythbusterI love MythBusters - it talks to my inner geek PLUS my ongoing worldly mission to get the truth to everyone ... awesome.

All the results have been compiled at MythBusters Results (great website - name, tells you exactly what it is).

My favourites from Season 1 (out of 4 and counting)
  • Silicone breast implants may explode at high altitudes or low air pressure.
  • A penny dropped from a skyscraper lands with enough force to either kill a pedestrian on the sidewalk below or embed itself into the sidewalk.
  • It is possible to blow up a microwave oven by microwaving metal.
  • Cola is able to remove bloodstains.
  • A goldfish's memory lasts only three seconds.
... there's so many more.


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